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“In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy and peace” 
Wangari Maathai (1940 – 2011), environmental activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 2004

In the current era of globalisation and rapid transformations in the world economies, there is an ongoing threat to the livelihood and survival of people who are dependent on the natural resources, which are getting impacted from the global environmental and climate change. Climate change and sustainability are increasingly being recognized as an integral part of development. Neither the infinite growth mantra, nor the technologically or financially driven paradigm will bring long term sustainability. To address these issue, nations around the world are now is already taking necessary footsteps through policies and actions. However these policies and actions raise more questions than solutions. No one single policy or action can address this. It should be the collective action of the government, civil society, research and grass root organisations. As mahatma Gandhi says

Let us recognise, we are all part of the problem

Let us with conviction, commitment and compassion

Be a part of the solution….

KRISH as a not-for profit institute for scientific, policy and application oriented research aims to be a part of the solution through addressing these pressing global issues and creating a sustainable habitat, or a ‘society for all’. It is a unique collaborative initiative of a number of multidisciplinary scholars drawn from cutting-edge research communities, policy-impacting government and practical industry across geographical locations. We brings excellence and expertise in wide range of disciplines including urban and regional planning, geography and environmental sciences, energy and transformative studies, socio-politics, sustainable architecture, society and systems applications. Within these areas, we cover a wide range of themes with scientific, policy and practice relevance –

  • SEE (Society, Equity, and Environment)
  • SHARE (Sustainable Habitat, Area and Region, and Energy)
  • TRANS (Transformations and Systems)


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KRISH (Klimate Research Institute for Sustainable Habitat) is a registered non for profit company under section 25 of Companies Act 1956 with Government of India.