Jobs & Opportunities

Recruitment in KRISH is done on the basis of expertise/experience of the candidates coupled with relevance of our research projects.

Currently there are no full-term opportunities to join us. It will be announced here as and when arise.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Are you interested in not-for-profit sector?
  • Do you have some spare time?
  • Do you have a vision for ‘society for all’?

If yes is your answer to all or some of these questions then you are at the right location.
KRISH, as a non-for-profit company offers a great platform to realise some of your goals. KRISH as a young organisation is an amalgamation of young researchers and industry people supported by scientific advisory committee. We need your volunteering support to grow.
If you are interested in any one of the following volunteering positions and interested to work for us, please contact us or write to We provide complete flexibility in location, work and time.

  1. Web Designer – a software wizard with expertise in website development and management.
  2. Graphic Designer – a person with zeal and enthusiasm in art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through graphics, images and videos that speak for themselves. 
  3. Social media wizard – a person able to follow twitter bots, a person with an index finger to click on the facebook ‘add as friend’ button 10,000 times. Who can gather latest news, analyse and write articles in the areas of research and post it on the KRISH blog.
  4. Fundraiser – an enthusiastic and passionate individual to gather the ‘brick and mortar’ of a young not-for-profit company house. We invite a person who is able to locate and raise funding for our research projects and events.